Jazmin Newton for Scott County Supervisor

Jazmin is an attorney, small business owner, community leader, and social advocate. Her law firm, Newton Law, PLC, has its primary office in Davenport Iowa. Advocating on behalf of others is what she does best as she provides her clients with zealous representation. She is ready to provide the people of Scott County a strong voice in government and leadership for a prosperous future for all. Jazmin is a lifelong Quad Citizen that currently resides in Davenport Iowa with her husband Bryan and three children, Eric, Ethan & Mila.

Vision for Scott County

Scott county should be at the forefront in growing the population and economy of our entire bi-state region so together we all win. The time to invest in our future is now so we can attract talent and businesses to our region giving our children and grandchildren a reason to call this great area their home. We need to engage the residents of Scott County so everyone has the opportunity to take an active role in helping shape our future. We need to build community partnerships so we can fund projects that will provide a higher quality of life for ALL residents of Scott County. We need to embrace our diversity, resolve our challenges and achieve a prosperous future for all. The Scott County Board of Supervisors is responsible for major decisions that affect not just the county, but our entire bi-state region. It is imperative we have a board of supervisors that is reflective of the diverse population of Scott County guaranteeing all residents have representation. We need a strong advocate who can be a the voice of all people. I am that advocate for Scott County.